Top 10 New Mommy Must- Haves

As a first time mom, everyday you wish there was some type of handbook to walk you through the newest and most unfamiliar challenges that you are now faced with in this journey.  Mommy blogs and youtube were my two go-tos as soon as my bundle of joy graced us with his presence and I realized no amount of baby book edited and published wisdom would trump first hand experience and learning on the fly! With that said, one thing that I wish I had looked into more (especially when registering) was new mommy must haves, simply to avoid registering for 130 things and only using half of them at most! Case in point, is why I decided to compile a top 10 list of mommy must haves to save you the headache.

10) Muslin Blankets

Please believe the hype surrounding these little blankets of joy. I used for my little every single day and continue to do so! I have the child who will scream that he is cold at the top of his lungs when it is 110 degrees outside just so that I will whip out his blanket and he can feel “cozy’. They are lightweight which is perfect for Texas weather no matter the season and get softer as you wash them. The word Amazing doesn’t being to cover them.

9. A Travel System

The options for a travel system seem to be endless but believe me when I say, purchasing or registering for one is the best move. I grappled with the idea of buying pieces separately but I am so incredibly glad I opted for a travel system. He is almost 3 and we still whip out his stroller at the drop of a hat and off we go.

8. A car seat canopy/ cover

I had my son in November so for weather purposed his carseat cover made perfect sense; However  what most new moms take into consideration is the number of people, STRANGERS, who feel it is completely acceptable to walk up to you beautiful baby and tough their hand and face with hands, that have been only god knows where, without blinking an eye! In comes the need for a car seat cover, baby is cozy and protected from unsolicited touches and kisses. Win-Win!

7. Sleepers with buttons

From many suggestions I received when my son was a newborn sleepers with zippers were absolutely the most popular but from my own experience they were the most inconvenient.. Imagine it being 3 AM, your little one wakes up for a feeding and diaper change and you have to completely unzip their sleeper and practically undress them in order to achieve a diaper change. It seemed crazy to me! Instead I found sleepers with buttons to be the best option for us. Simply undo a few buttons, get a quick change and snap them back up. Bang! All set!

6. Breast Pump

For any breast feeding momma, a breast pump is going to be your new best friend! What I wasn’t aware of was how handy having both a electric and hand breast pump would be. Whether you have 15 minutes to pump a quick bottle or 30 minutes to sit down with an electric pump, they both are such a help!


5.Nose Frida

Now I know most people who pick up a Nose Frida are instantly put off to the idea but let me tell you, it is the one of the absolute best things I picked up for my little guy! He is almost 3 and he will ask me to use it when he is stuffed up and just not feeling his best. I promise you, there is no direct contact with the contents of your little one’s nose. I promise!



I had an infant who would jump like bunny whenever he was held in an upright position long enough. The baby Jumper we got him was his favorite and was absolutely essential in making sure his legs were strong and ready to walk when the time came.


3. Baby Carrier

Before having my son I had no idea how imperative baby wearing would be when it came to getting anything done or going somewhere that was not necessarily stroller friendly.  We wore Aaron until we literally could not because of the weight restrictions. Try several on and see which works best for you and your little one but I promise, you wont regret getting one! Keep them close.


2. Diaper Bag

I know some new moms are anti-diaper bag but I lived out of mine until Aaron was 100% potty trained. I am a serial over packer but my diaper bag came to my rescue in many a mom emergency. If I had one piece of advice when it comes to selecting a diaper bag it would be to pick on with a backpack option, it comes in handy when your two arms are occupied with a little one but you still are toting along all nursery essentials. Trust Me!


  1. The Squishy Mat!

We are a traveling family and anywhere we go, as you can expect, our son goes! What I quickly learned was that not every location we went would have the most baby friendly accommodations especially when it came to sitting, laying my little one down, and even changing a diaper. Let me introduce you the game changer.. The Squishy Mat!

It comes in 3 different sizes ranging from a changing pad(16X32)to larger mats (3X3 and 4X4). It contains 1 inch of memory foam and let me tell you, If i could get away with lounging on it, I would! It is so deliciously soft and comfy and folds up to fit perfectly in your diaper bag! To top it off it has a rubber non-stick backing to ensure your little one is safe and the mat remains in one place instead of slipping it out from underneath them. *Spoiler Alert: Each one of my expecting friends can expect one as a baby gift because they are most definitely a mommy must have!*

If you would like to check one out, here is a code for 15% off that you can use on!

Disclaimer: I received a free product to facilitate my review, all the opinion above is my own



Lmited Edition Purex Detergent Review

So by now Im sure you are well aware based on my previous posts that I am a proud Texas girl. The list of things I love about my home state can go on and on but at the top of that list without a doubt is one special Texas only perk.. Bluebonnets! I adore them! I adore the fact that as each wild flower begins to bloom in random spots all of the state, so does the eager anticipation of warmer months as winter draws to a close and Spring starts sneaking up on us. I love the fact that with Bluebonnets come the yearly family pictures in fields covered by the royal blue flowers and I love that only fellow Texans can truly appreciate this little flower that pops only for a short time but is so beloved.

Now that I’ve poured my heart out about my undying love for a wild flower let’s get on with the true reason for my post today. 

I was fortunate enough to be chosen from a select few Texas bloggers to try out Purex Detergent’s new HEB Limited Edition Scent that is.. you guessed it… BLUEBONNETS! I was able to get my hands on a sample in return for a review ( that is all my own thoughts, let me add) and I was not disappointed! 

I tried out the detergent on several occasions and immediately fell in love with the fragrant scent. In all honesty I was expecting a floral scent, yes but I wasn’t sure if the true bluebonnet essence could be captured and bottled in laundry detergent. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised. My first two loads I did only using the Purex detergent and upon pulling them out to fold and put away, i was in love! The third time I paired the detergent with a scent boost I use from time to time and it only amplified that bluebonnet fragrance not to mention left my clothes impeccable seeing as I didn’t even use a stain remover on some of my son’s more..CHALLENGING articles of clothing. 

Overall I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to sample this product and can only hope that this limited edition detergent can be found as a regular staple in my HEB aisle! 

10 out of 10 Stars for this new Purex Bluebonnet Detergent!

I would love to share a few of these full-size detergent samples with some of you! The Purex Bluebonnet Detergent Giveaway with run until May 18, 2016 at 4PM CT. 2 Winners will receive a full size sample voucher which can be redeemed at several San Antonio Location HEB’s.

You can enter by following the directions in the Rafflecopter widget posted below.

 I’ll announce the winners on THIS blog post and contact them directly through email, as always. Check out the link below!

Good luck!

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 With the Month of April drawing to a close, I think it would not be complete if we failed to address one significant event the month has brought upon us… My 25th Birthday! So with that said here are 25 Facts about Yours Truly to commemorate the occasion!

  1. I am deathly afraid of frogs… I’ve refused to enter my own home because there is a frog waiting by more door. (It’s an irrational fear, I know!)
  2. I have a Bachelors of Arts degree in Criminal Justice
  3. I love dogs and my dream was always to have a giant dog… We rescued our giant dog three years ago and he has been driving my husband up the wall ever since but I adore him!  
  4. I love broadway musicals and have a Pandora station dedicated to the Wicked Score
  5. I always knew I was going to name my son Aaron, I’m not sure what it is about the name but I have loved it ever since kindergarten.
  6. I met my husband on my 17th birthday and I don’t think we even made eye contact but here we are 8 years later!
  7.  Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. I think I am part elf!
  8. I am a really shy person and I shutter at the idea of public speaking
  9. In the 90’s battle of BsB vs. N’sync, I was #teamnsync all the way
  10. I am low-key YouTube Obsessed! One day I will work up the courage to start a daily family vlog
  11. I am super frugal! If I can save a few dollars with coupons or promotions I will.
  12. I love making wreaths, it’s a hobby I am happy to share with my mom.
  13. I cannot sit through an entire movie at home. I just don’t have the attention span for it when I know there are a million other things I need to do around the house.
  14. I am a crockpot wizard! Just don’t ask me to touch the stove, its not gonna end well
  15. My first job was as a bagger at HEB
  16. Sundays are my favorite day of the week, I find them so peaceful even when there are a million things going on
  17. I love cheese! It’s totally healthy…
  18. I love planning parties but Im not a fan of going to them
  19. As a kid I was featured in a .5 second clip of the NBA “ I still love this game” commercial
  20. I have always been terrible at math,it was always my worst subject in school
  21. I am a reality TV junkie! Real Housewives… Teen Mom… you get the idea.
  22. I have become the mom I always swore I wouldn’t be and flood my social media with pictures of my son. I can’t help it that he’s my favorite person, ever!
  23. I may be one of the clumsiest people on earth.. If I can trip on it, I will trip on it
  24. If I could go to work barefoot I would! Shoes are not my favorite.
  25. Every year I take a week or so off for my birthday. Ya know.. to celebrate accordingly!



Wal-Mart Grocery Pick Up Extravaganza!

IMG_0761 (1)

Let me start out by saying I am a proud HEB shopping Texas girl! The local retailer was my first job for crying out loud! So needless to say when this cute little 4X6 mailer arrived describing Wal-Mart’s new order online, pick up later program I was less than convinced. I tucked it away in my junk mail pile and didn’t give it a second thought… I did.

Friday is my weekly shopping trip day and I figured, why not!? What’s one less shopping trip! Plus another detail on that cute little mailer was a $10.00 off promo code on an order of $50.00! Done! I can easily blow 100.00 on a shopping trip, it was a no brainer.

A few little disclaimers Id offer is. A) The pick up option is only available on orders of 30.00 or more and B) It is only available at SOME of the Wal-Mart locations in San Antonio.

When logging into, you are first prompted to sign in or create an account (super simple process), then the shopping begins!

It was as easy as searching for a particular item either by name or department. Brand name? Generic? You could find it! My only gripe is that the search bar could uses a much more precise filter considering searching for a gallon of whole milk yielded that and about 6 pages of additional items.

Overall the prices were extremely comparable to HEB’s constant low prices, which made this bargain-shopping mommy, VERY HAPPY!

The pick up option was free for my order, however it does seem like there will be some instances that a fee may be assessed for the convenience, maybe during really busy occasions i.e. Super Bowl Sunday and the holidays.

The checkout process was pretty seamless as I entered my score of a promo code and selected my pick up info. Unfortunately the closest store to me that offered the pickup option was approx. 7 miles away, ironic when my local store is about 2! I guess that’s the price of convenience 🙂

Fast forward to pick up…

Ten minutes prior to pick up the confirmation email asks that you make a courtesy call to ensure that your order is ready for pick up upon your arrival which I did about 5 minutes too late, I might add. We pulled into the designated spot and out came 4 Wal-Mart associates who all very promptly loaded the groceries in our car within minutes. I must say I was very impressed! Down to the produce, each item was double checked for our seal of approval AND bags with things like bananas and chips were marked with fragile stickers… AMAZING!

Over all I would give this experience 5 out of 5 stars! Would I do this every week? Probably not, but I would highly recommend the option for people on the go and those who absolutely despise the act of grocery shopping. Check it out!

Here is a link for 10.000 off your first $50.00 purchase!












Let’s Break The Ice!

Hi There!

I’m Andrea. The full-time working, wife and mommy of one.

Here’s a little about me. I am a born and raised Texas girl, UTSA Alum,dog mom of 3 and lover of all things, homemade, sarcastic and witty.

My little family consists of my sweetheart hubby, John and our 1-year-old Son, Aaron. Ohh and a few furry friends also known as Reggie, Nolan and Faith. Welcome to the ever evolving adventure that is my life. Enjoy the ride!


So…the introduction to my family would not be complete if I did not include my extended family, my family unit. The age-old adage “it takes a village to raise a child ” is embodied by the role that the other half of our family unit, also known as Jill and Rene aka the “god-parents” aka Sister and Best Friend, play. They are always along for the adventure!